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About Premier Care
Premier Care Urgent Care centers offer care for life’s mini emergencies. The majority of people are not familiar with exactly what urgent care offers. For patients who are headed to the emergency room with an acute illness of moderate severity, we offer a convenient alternative to the emergency room. Patients can receive quick access to the care of a qualified, Board-Certified doctor when they would alternatively seek assistance from a hospital emergency room. All physicians from Premier Care are board-certified in emergency medicine and are the same physicians that patients would be seen by in a hospital emergency room. However, by practicing in an urgent care setting, they are able to offer patients a gentler and more compassionate approach to emergency care.

All Premier Care Urgent Care centers are outfitted with the most medically advanced equipment. Patients will have access to onsite digital x-raylaboratory for rapid testing of various illnesses such as strep throat and the flu, and the necessary equipment for treating common orthopedic injuries and wounds needing stitches. Premier Care centers also offer antibiotics, intravenous fluids, and other medications when necessary. Our emergency physicians see patients of all ages from babies to seniors in a safe, confidential, and competent environment. Premier Care refers patients back to their primary doctors to maintain the same level of care. For those suffering from life threatening conditions, such as a heart attack, or stroke symptoms, please call 911 and visit your nearest ER immediately.

Please contact us at 1-855-NICE-DOC or PC.info@citymd.net with any questions you might have!